Fantastical Skateboard Series: Diver

Fantastical Skateboard Series: Diver 2

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To stand despite all possibility of falling, we are led to the upper ways by yearning to free ourselves...from constraint, in pure mobility." -Paul Klee

Fantastical Skateboard Prototypes is an exploration of design & motion, using the skateboard as a 3-D canvas & the early Bauhaus design mantra "Assume Everything" as a process template for the series.

"I started skating back in the '70's, a pivotal decade in the evolution of skateboard design & riding. It was a remarkable time to witness these changes & I confess that my first ride did consist of a pair of re-purposed roller skates  borrowed from my sister.

My enthusiasm towards the sport & the technology still persists... As I flow through space on these vessels, I find a ceaseless sense of wonderment in the perception rate, the gestalt, of new images suddenly revealing themselves & I revel in the freedom of efficient self-navigation.

Diver: sold

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