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The String Theory project at NESADSU will attempt to make connections between the artistic experience and scientific ideas. The particular challenge artists face here is that String Theory gives the artist no audio, visuals or anything else that is tangibly recognizable to work from. Instead it relies on a level of understanding of completely abstract notions in theoretical physics and complex mathematics.


Speed of Light
Paul Andrede
Speed of Light

Oil on Panel 48” x 60” 2007

The four artists in the exhibition are not making scientific illustrations, rather they are providing their own impressions of specific elements contained in the overall concepts of String Theory. Each artist is working in different media and methods. Paul Andrade, a professor at the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University explores the ideas of parallel dimensions and branes in his thickly layered paintings. Lou Cohen, a well known member of the electronic music community will be presenting a newly created site-specific multi channel sound piece based on his fascination of excitation modes and the loop like properties of strings. Keith Francis is a graphic artist whose work is in numerous corporate and private collections. Keith translates subatomic particle tracks and vibrations Paul Andrade into colors and graphic forms. William Frese is a sculptor who creates site specific works in both interior and exterior locations. William also explores the influence of vibrations on the properties of strings in his short film and the concept of multi-dimensions in his sculpture, which draws on the gallery space itself to add a layer of interactivity with the viewer.

As this project evolves in the coming weeks more details will be provided. We invite your participation in this unique and exciting project and welcome any comments you may have. More information about NESADSU and the gallery can be found at Suffolk University.

If you have any questions or would like more information String Theories please contact James Manning, Interim Gallery Director, New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University at (617) 573-8405 or via email.

Following is information about each of the artists in the String Theory exhibition.

String Theories
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