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Paul Andrade

     Early in his career Paul Andrade expressed an interest in sculpture and architecture through pottery. Paul studied sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design and received his B.F.A. in 1990. While there he began exploring his interest in using alternative spaces in his artwork as a device for shock value and psychological reactions.
      In the early 1990’s Paul lived in NYC and started a successful metal fabricating company that produced work for well known artists and architects and he also showed his own work in SoHO and Williamsburg galleries.
      In 1994 he split his interest between sculpture and painting and studied at Rutgers University where he received his M.F.A. in 1996. Since then he has concentrated on painting and teaching at The New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University.
      His works is in collections in the Untied States, Europe and Asia.

Artist Statement
     Paint is my medium.
     I am interested in representing the extra dimensions in space that String Theory predicts. While exploring String Theory I have found it necessary to include theoretical physics, cosmology, and astrophysics so that I may have a stronger understanding to what exactly String Theory is trying to unify.

String Theory is attempting to unify all of nature’s forces including gravity. They are the strong and week nuclear force, electro magnetism, and gravity. So the subject matter I am painting may include more than one facet of this extremely difficult theory. However this allows me to paint from and appropriately many perspectives, from the view of invisible point particles and strings to notions of a universe that continues to grow and spawn new universes along the way. They all leave clues to an understanding of a deeper reality. My paintings are experiments that help visualize the invisible in art and science. Each set of paintings is an experiment, an over all consistency of style and technique places second to finding a possible break through in a visual understanding of String Theory. Therefor a small series or sets of work that have similar relationships to each other enables my expression of art and science.

Because of the abstract nature of my work I must also address the histories of abstract expressionist and color field painting, the most glaring difference is that I am using a scientific subject matter rather than an expression and excavation of the self. The similarities include a
hidden lexicon of content over the visual, and a visual concern of space and time.

I gage success in the moment when I gain insight and truth from String Theory and my effort that transcends my ideas.


Paul Andrede
Oil on Panel 84” x 60” 2007

String Theories
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